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We at Kids Castle International Nursery offer a spacious, tidy and a pleasing environment where each element exists for a reason “Nurturing the child’s capacity to learn & explore” The décor is according to children’s height and size thus making it a  favorable one to respond to their physical & spiritual needs. You will find our environment warm, friendly and welcoming with endless possibilities of fun & learning. Probably a “Perfect Second Home” for your child.

We Believe

At Kids Castle we believe that every child grows & develops individually on his/her own pace. Because of subconsciously absorbing information the first three (3) years of a child’s life are crucial for building the foundation of his/her future growth.

We consider errors as a part of learning process and that the best way of understanding is “doing” So we make the child “do” a lot of mind stimulating activities.

At kids Castle children learn by simply playing and moving. We respect children’s free time and mix class rooms environment with age diversity which ensures spontaneous cooperation amongst children’s desire to learn, mutual respect and of course enjoyment. When given freedom within clear limits children learn to live in harmony in their very own small society “The Classroom”

Lastly we seriously believe in establishing relationship with parents regarding their child’s progress.